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Radlux Lighting is a professional manufacturer and solution supplier in outdoor, industrial and mining lighting products. The company has been involved in the lighting industry since 2004 and has achieved remarkable success in providing high-quality lighting solutions to their customers. Radlux Lighting has a team of highly experienced professionals who work tirelessly to meet the needs and expectations of their customers.

Over the years, Radlux Lighting has transitioned from HID lamps to become a specialized manufacturer of LED lights. These include LED floodlights, LED high bay lights, LED waterproof lights, LED tunnel lights, and LED street lights. This has been a major shift for the company, and it has been able to maintain a strong position in the highly competitive lighting industry by focusing on quality and innovation.

Radlux Lighting is dedicated to providing energy-efficient, long-lasting, and eco-friendly lighting solutions to their customers. The company rightly understands that lighting is a crucial aspect of our daily lives and plays a critical role in various activities such as driving, sports, and construction. The right lighting can significantly enhance visibility, reduce energy consumption, and improve safety. In this regard, Radlux Lighting is committed to creating products that are not only efficient and long-lasting but also environmentally friendly.

One of the company's flagship products is the LED floodlights. This is a versatile product that is designed for different applications, including for use in stadiums, sports centers, parking lots, and public places. These floodlights are highly efficient, and they emit a bright and clear light that can illuminate large areas. They are also easy to install and are low maintenance, making them a popular choice for customers across different sectors.

Another product that Radlux Lighting specializes in is the LED high bay lights. These are designed for use in warehouses, factories, and other industrial facilities where high ceilings are common. The LED high bay lights are known for their high luminosity, which makes them ideal for lighting up large areas. These lights are also energy-efficient and long-lasting, which makes them popular among customers who value durability and sustainability.

Radlux Lighting also designs and manufactures LED street lights. These are designed to provide bright, reliable, and long-lasting lighting for roads, highways, and other public spaces. LED street lights are known for their energy efficiency, and they consume significantly less power than traditional streetlights. This translates to significant cost savings for customers, both in terms of energy bills and maintenance costs.

Another area where Radlux Lighting has excelled is in the provision of LED tunnel lights. These are designed for use in tunnels, underpasses, and other areas where lighting is crucial for safety and visibility. They are highly durable, able to withstand harsh weather conditions and are resistant to vibration and shock. They have a long lifespan and require minimal maintenance, making them ideal for customers looking for a reliable and long-lasting lighting solution.

The LED waterproof lights are also among the top products from Radlux Lighting. These are designed to provide high-quality lighting solutions in wet, damp, and humid environments. Waterproof lights are essential in areas such as swimming pools, coastal regions, and other areas where moisture and humidity are a concern. Radlux Lighting has designed its waterproof lights to withstand these conditions while providing bright and high-quality lighting.

Radlux Lighting is committed to providing their customers with bespoke solutions that meet their specific lighting needs. They work closely with clients to identify their requirements and offer custom-made products designed to meet their specifications. This ensures that customers get a lighting solution that is tailored to their unique requirements and preferences.

Radlux Lighting products are designed to be easy to install and maintain. With a team of highly trained professionals, the company provides excellent after-sales support, ensuring that their customers get the most out of their products. Additionally, the company offers training and support to customers, ensuring they understand the features and benefits of their products.


Radlux Lighting is a leading manufacturer and solution provider in the lighting industry. The company has excelled in providing high-quality, energy-efficient, and eco-friendly lighting solutions to its customers. Radlux Lighting products are designed to meet the unique needs and requirements of clients across different sectors, including sports, industrial, and public spaces. The company's commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability is what sets them apart in the highly competitive lighting industry. With a focus on customer satisfaction, Radlux Lighting has built an excellent reputation and continues to provide bespoke lighting solutions to customers worldwide. So, if you are looking for high-quality LED lighting solutions, Radlux Lighting is the go-to provider.
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